Have your wedding the way you want, not how everyone else wants!

Is there more than one person muscling in at every opportunity? Do mothers want to invite everyone, fathers want specific food or do friends want to decide on the best entertainment for you? If this is you then don't worry. It is perfectly normal. It's how you deal with these interferences at the early stages that will determine how well you manage them over time. Be firm. Have confidence in your ideas and the choices you make. It's important that on the day you're happy. If someone elses' vision isn't the same as yours and you allow yourself to be swayed by them you'll regret it. Here are a few tips on how to be discreet, get your own way and keep the peace. Allocate jobs - You know your f

Your wedding from a cutting edge perspective!

I am constantly looking for new and fresh ideas that will not only make a wedding day stand out from the crowd but also offer my couples a more exciting experience. I am a keen promoter of photography at weddings in general, as much as we’d all like to remember every part of the day, sadly over time those memories begin to fade. What better way of bringing them back to life than by looking at a thorough selection of imaginative and descriptive photos. It isn’t just remembering that is important, you can’t be everywhere on your wedding day. Things will happen that you’ll possibly never know about, photography and videography allow you to look back and see these things as if you were there. Lo

Remember your day forever with a ring that tells your personal love story!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely Julie from Goldfinger Rings. Along with her husband and son they offer a family run bespoke jewellery design service. Wedding rings are often a part of the wedding planning experience that falls by the wayside and can sometimes be a last-minute thought. Every part of the wedding planning stage from beginning to end should be special so why not this? I wanted to meet with Julie as I genuinely believe in their passion for not only jewellery but also offering the perfect product that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Virtually everything you plan for a wedding is over by the end of that day. Not the rings! Once married you’ll w

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About me:

I have changed my life in a drastic way. Learning new skills and falling in love with an industry that I never imagined myself being in.

I love to embrace new things and I pride myself on giving an honest and straight to the point service. I have years of experience in Logistics, working under pressure and within some very strict time frames which I now ensure is the focal point of how I run the planning and managing of a wedding day.

There is more to a wedding than making it look 'pretty'. There is making it work and making it come to life. This is what I love!

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