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Embrace the weather on your wedding day

There are so many things to worry about in the lead up to a wedding. Why make the weather one of them? Yes it may rain, we are in the UK. If you want to guarantee a dry day you will need to look overseas.

Beach wedding in the sunshine

If you want a greater chance of avoiding that rain then of course the summer months will be your best bet, but if you wake up on the morning of your wedding and the sky doesn't look like it favours you then at this point there is nothing you can do.

Wedding in the snow

I've been there, I know the stresses all too well. In the week leading up to my own wedding I watched the weather forecast at the end of the news more than I ever had. I even downloaded the met office app so I could literally get minute to minute forecasts. Then on the day it snowed! Granted it was December and actually the perfect weather for our wedding but still, it didn't stop me worrying.

So how do you embrace less favourable weather!?!

Be prepared:

If your budget allows and you are having a large part of your day outside you may want to provide umbrellas. You can order white/clear umbrellas or the large golf umbrellas reasonably cheaply off websites such as Ebay or you can go to high street stores such as Sports Direct if you're less fussy about colours.

Your guests will certainly be thankful, even if there isn't enough for 1 per person. If you can't stretch to providing shelter for everyone, make sure there is at least one for you and your bridal party. After all, you are the most important person on the day and drowned rat isn't the look most brides are after.

Wedding photos in the rain

Take a second pair of shoes. If you have spent a small fortune on a stunning pair of wedding shoes that you don't want to wade through puddles in, invest in some wellies or more practical fun boots for the outside element of the day. Decorate some wellies with sparkly bits or ribbons. Show them off, people will see your fun side. If you are marrying in a field or barn and your guests are going to be walking through the mud it may be worth putting a note on their invites that should the weather be bad all wellies are welcome.

Wedding wellies

If you are planning a wedding outside of the summer months then plan 100% for rain. If you then get a dry day it's a bonus and will mean you don't have to change anything last minute. If you bank on a heat wave you may be disappointed.

Have fun with photography:

If you are expecting rain then speak with your photographer in the days leading up to your wedding. Tell them that you want to have some fun, maybe even have a look online for some example images of rainy weddings that you can send them. Photography tricks can be spectacular, the technology is out of this world. Use the environment around you to find inspiration.

The main thing to remember is even if you don't have blue skies you WILL get married and you WILL have fun. As the old song says, what will be will be. In the days leading up to your wedding and on the day itself is not the time to panic or worry. In some cultures rain on your wedding day is considered lucky as it is a sign of cleansing so embrace it.

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