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Full or partial Wedding Planning

Embrace a comprehensive planning experience that is smooth, stress free and enjoyable from start to finish. Putting your needs first Taylored Weddings will offer you an exclusive, truly personal service at every stage whether that is listening to your dream ideas and working with you to make them a reality or simply offering advice and creative inspiration to produce an exceptional and unique wedding day.


On the day coordination

There is no one more important than you on your wedding day so let Taylored Weddings make you feel truly special from start to finish.


The ‘On the day coordination’ service is ideal for couples who have planned their day perfectly but don’t want to leave any last-minute details to chance. Let an experienced professional calmly and discreetly deal with arrangements behind the scenes so that you can relax knowing everything will be perfect, just as you imagined.


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life but can also be one of the quickest. Don’t miss a moment dealing with issues that could be avoided, remember your day with happiness, excitement and affection. Hours of your precious time, dedication and planning have led you to this one day so wake up on the morning of your wedding knowing that you’re guaranteed to enjoy every minute.


Venue Search

Taylored Weddings will listen to your requirements and ensure that no venue goes undiscovered. The possibilities are endless with weddings taking place in traditional venues such as manor houses, marquees and castles but also in more contemporary venues such as zoos, theme parks and museums. Let your imagination go wild and embrace the chance to have a remarkable wedding day in your ideal venue.


Where to start 
Consultation Service

So your excited about planning your wedding day but where you start? Where do I find suppliers? Which are within my budget and which are reliable? How much should I pay for something and what sort of time frame do I need to allocate for things? What do I do if the weathers not on my side? How do I have what I want without offending those that I love. These are only a few questions a new couple will ask themselves when they decide to tie the knot.

Relax, you don't need to worry about a thing. Taylored Weddings will help. This consultation is designed personally for you to help you get going. If you have an idea but don't know where to look. Save time searching endlessly on the internet, simply refer to the list of reliable suppliers that I will give you during this consultation. Don't feel pressured into spending above your budget. Taylored Weddings will help you design your budget, share experiences and tricks of the trade so that you can have the day you want within the budget you set.

What's included:

2 hour consultation to discuss the day as you imagine it and ask any questions you think will assist you in the planning and coordinating.

Detailed list of local suppliers covering the most popular areas of wedding planning. 

Price for a where to start consultation is £250, if a further booking is made this price is deducted from the total.

Party Planning

Weddings are not the only large scale event you may be planning for. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday party, reunion or wake. You too could benefit from an experienced event manager.

With the principles much like wedding planning the services available are similar. 

I will happily discuss your specific event requirements and work with you to create a service package suitable for the event you are preparing for.

Want to plan yourself but fancy a bit of knowhow?

A wedding planner isn't for everyone.

Maybe you are a crafty, organised bride who will do a fabulous job putting together your own wedding?


This is the first time you have planned a wedding or even an event that is so big and so important.

You will only get to do this once. There is no "well I'll do it differently next time" you can't afford to get it wrong so why risk it.

Check out the wedding planning made simple course which is specifically designed to help brides who want to plan themselves, plan to perfection. I have dedicated months to creating an informative online course which is accessible and easy to use. It contains everything you need to know about planning your own wedding with as little stress and worry as possible! REGARDLESS OF BUDGET!   

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About me:

I have changed my life in a drastic way. Learning new skills and falling in love with an industry that I never imagined myself being in.

I love to embrace new things and I pride myself on giving an honest and straight to the point service. I have years of experience in Logistics, working under pressure and within serious time frames which I now ensure is the focal point of how I run the planning and managing of a wedding day.

There is more to a wedding than making it look 'pretty'. There is making it work and making it come to life. This is what I love!


West Sussex, UK

Tel: 07557 657070

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