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Remember your day forever with a ring that tells your personal love story!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely Julie from Goldfinger Rings. Along with her husband and son they offer a family run bespoke jewellery design service. Wedding rings are often a part of the wedding planning experience that falls by the wayside and can sometimes be a last-minute thought. Every part of the wedding planning stage from beginning to end should be special so why not this? I wanted to meet with Julie as I genuinely believe in their passion for not only jewellery but also offering the perfect product that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Virtually everything you plan for a wedding is over by the end of that day. Not the rings! Once married you’ll wear this ring for the rest of your life. You will look at it with pride, not only as a symbol of your marriage but it will remind you of memories from your wedding day and beyond. Why waste money on something you’ll want to change with your outfit, after all it’s not just another ring to add to your collection of dress jewellery. It’s one that you’ll want to look perfect, sat proudly next to the already perfect engagement ring you’ve been wearing since the day your greatest love asked you to be their life-long partner.

Using such a tailored ring service like Goldfinger you will see more designs and styles than you thought possible, so pick something that is truly you. Here is a bit more information about the business. I am genuinely excited for all you couples that have the pleasure of using this service.

What service do they offer?

A bespoke and personal service that listens to the client’s requirements and makes unique wedding rings and jewellery. Julie will visit you at a place of your choosing with a selection of up to 500 rings in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. From this you can mix and match the best parts from them all to create a unique design that only you will have. Her husband and son make up the base of this family business with a team of 7 craftsmen all of which are highly trained in jewellery design and creation.

How long have they been in this business?

Goldfinger rings is a family run business, they have over 40 years’ experience in the goldsmith trade so you can guarantee a high-quality product from this company.

Does it cost more to have such a bespoke service?

Goldfinger rings provide a high-quality service and product which quality for quality normally beat High Street prices. There is no added charge for the personal service but it means you can have exactly what you want, not settle for something that is second best. A long-term payment schedule is available so that you can spread the cost making it possible to have something you wouldn’t be able to buy in one outright purchase off the high street. Prices are advertised on the website so before you decide what you want you can see approximately what it will cost.

Where are they based and how far do they travel to meet with clients?

There is no shop front as such. The workshop is located near Horsham with an additional office in Hatton Gardens. Clients can visit this office to meet with someone from Goldfinger Rings rather than them come to you if that’s preferable. Alternatively, they will travel up to approximately 1.5 hours from their offices.

How long does it take from the moment the design is confirmed to delivery?

Generally, the process from confirming the design to it being made and delivered is 12 weeks. It is possible to have the item delivered quicker but this can be dependent on the complexity of design.

Where do they get our diamonds and gold supplies?

All products are purchased from a reliable source based in the UK.

Summary of Goldfinger Rings

Goldfinger rings pride themselves on providing a high quality and individual service. Not only do they inspire couples to design their ideal wedding jewellery but they also personally create it at their workshop ensuring the product quality is perfect. The service doesn’t just end once the ring is delivered. Follow up care is important to Goldfinger rings and future amendments and sizing is done to the same high standard. Rings are made with love and care ensuring you’re 100% happy with the final product.

A picture of the lovely Julie, designer at Goldfinger Rings the family run business

A small selection of rings from the 500+ they have to show

Contact them directly for more information or to make a design consultation. Alternatively, I am happy to assist further by arranging an appointment with Julie on your behalf.


01403 733638

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