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How to show your wedding florist exactly what you want!

If you want your wedding day to look exactly how you imagine, then communication is key!

When booking a creative supplier, by that I mean someone who is required to be artistic when providing their service such as a florist, baker or venue stylist, it's advisable to create a vision board, otherwise known as a mood board.

If the supplier doesn't know what you want, or doesn't understand, then you could end up with something completely different to what you imaged.

I recently caught up with Chrissy Thornton from Bud and Flower who explained exactly how mood boards help her to create such amazing, and accurate floral displays.

1. Do you recommend couples create a mood board before approaching a florist?


Its always a good Idea to gather some pictures to share with your florist, a picture speaks a thousand words and ensures that both parties are on the same page of the book right from the start.

The bride might say for example “I would like orange and white colours” but what she actually wants is peach and ivory. It’s always recommended to bring a picture to save confusion.

2. What do you suggest couples consider when creating a mood board? Is it more than just pictures of flowers you like? 

I ask my brides to create 2 mood boards, the first mood board is for the style/theme of flowers they like, for example a compact and tight bouquet portrays a very different ambiance in comparison to a wispy and loose bouquet. The second mood board is to focus on the colour scheme, the board can comprise of different themes and styles/ designs of wedding flowers, but the main focus is on colour. Even pictures of something not flower related. Pictures of the bridesmaid’s dresses, grooms’ outfit, pictures.

3. Are you able to create a mood board electronically if you are not particularly crafty? 

Absolutely, Pinterest is fantastic for this, you are able to share the board directly with your florist. Also typing into google images and emailing the pictures is another alternative. Instagram is great for inspiration also.

4. What do you as a florist do with the mood board?

Once I have a mood board it is analysed, I use the elements and principles of design to decipher why that picture has appealed to the couple.

The 5 elements of design include colour, form, texture, line and space.

The 7 principles of design are balance (actual and visual), proportion, scale, rhythm, contrast, dominance and harmony.

Then how the flowers are placed, scattered distribution, grouped etc…. for example...

A knowledgeable florist will know by eye what are the key elements and principles of the

pictures and will be able to base the quote on the couples tastes.