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Wedding Consultation

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A simple chat about your wedding plans or the plans you would like to make, can turn what is an overwhelming, complicated situation, into a smooth, enjoyable and easy to overcome experience. 

Unless you have planned a wedding or a large event before, it is difficult to understand at the beginning exactly what is involved. Yes you may be confident and you may be able to get stuck in right from the start, but could you do it better? Or could you make it easier for yourself? There is no point in suffering unnecessarily or getting stressed needlessly.

During the time you get with me, we can cover whatever part of planning suits you. I will discuss with you via email prior to our time together what topics you want to cover so that I can tailor my advice to your specific wedding. If however, you don't know what you want to cover and simply benefit from a 'where to begin' consultation then I will tell you exactly that! What you need to do when, and how to avoid avoidable stresses. 

Included in the service is:

An email conversation in advance of the consulation

A 1 hour video consultation, or consultation in person subject to location.

A summary document sent to you via email of the points discussed during the consultation. This may include recommendations should they be requested. 

FREE access to me reformatted, tried and tested wedding spreadsheets and planning documents.

The best thing about this is you will never lose control of your wedding plans. You will be 100% in charge of how you plan it and when, you'll simply be doing it with a little bit of insider knowledge to help you along!

You will receive all of these benefits for only £199 so why wait!

The sooner you get going the sooner you'll feel motivated, confident in what you're doing and raring to go with planning your wedding.

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