Embrace the weather on your wedding day

There are so many things to worry about in the lead up to a wedding. Why make the weather one of them? Yes it may rain, we are in the UK. If you want to guarantee a dry day you will need to look overseas. If you want a greater chance of avoiding that rain then of course the summer months will be your best bet, but if you wake up on the morning of your wedding and the sky doesn't look like it favours you then at this point there is nothing you can do. I've been there, I know the stresses all too well. In the week leading up to my own wedding I watched the weather forecast at the end of the news more than I ever had. I even downloaded the met office app so I could literally get minute to minut

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About me:

I have changed my life in a drastic way. Learning new skills and falling in love with an industry that I never imagined myself being in.

I love to embrace new things and I pride myself on giving an honest and straight to the point service. I have years of experience in Logistics, working under pressure and within some very strict time frames which I now ensure is the focal point of how I run the planning and managing of a wedding day.

There is more to a wedding than making it look 'pretty'. There is making it work and making it come to life. This is what I love!

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