What the course is all about!

Module 1: Your wedding ceremony and vows.... Have you ever wondered what actually happens during a wedding ceremony or are you concerned about how to get the formalities arranged before hand? If so this module will be perfect for you. Not only will it point you in the right direction it will give you some lovely ideas for personally written vows and a selection of reading ideas.

Module 2: Find and secure your perfect venue: This module will give you all of the information you need to find your venue and get from it what you need. You'll get lists of questions to ask at the show round and during the initial enquiry. By far the biggest decision of your wedding planning which will be made simple and enjoyable if you follow the workbook on this topic.

Module 3: How to incorporate a theme: Do you already know what colours or theme you want? Or is there so much out there that you can't quite decide? Pinterest and Insta are great but can be more of a hinderance than a help with all the options out there to see. This module will help you narrow down those options and select something that is perfect for you.

Module 4: Entertainment Ideas: No one likes to go to a boring wedding so this is an important module even though it might sound obvious. Entertainment isn't just do I have a band or DJ. Entertainment is everything that keeps your guests entertained and enjoying your wedding day from start to finish. Here you will learn some unique ideas that you can DIY or that you can get from some fabulous suppliers.

Module 5: Choosing the right suppliers: There are so many people out there doing the same thing for different prices at different standards, it can be a minefield but this module will tell you what to look for in each and how to build a great working relationship with them. It will teach you how to share your vision with them to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Module 6: Timeline of planning: Knowing what to do when will be a massive help and this is exactly what you will achieve from this module. Whether you have 2 months or 2 years to plan you will know how long everything takes to organise and will be able to spread the cost accordingly.

Module 7: Budgeting: It doesn't matter whether you have £1000 to spend on your wedding or £100,000 it will be just as special to you. This module will help you understand better what you should expect to pay for things and how to work within the budget you have set for yourself. There are tips on what you can do yourself and what really is a must. Often the hardest part of planning a wedding is the finance element. Don't let this get you down.

Module 8: Invitation wording, timeline and how to collate RSVPs: No more worrying about when you send your save the dates or invites, no more stressing over why half your guests haven't RSVPd and no more worrying that you have missed people off the list because their RSVP may have slipped under the sofa. You will get all the tools and spreadsheets you need to collate this sensibly and track everything you send out.

Module 9: Wedding day timeline:Knowing what to do at what time on your wedding day at the early stages of planning will make things so mach easier. How long between ceremony and wedding breakfast, how long photos take and what the best time is to have your ceremony if you have lots of other elements to include. This module will also include troubleshooting if something happens on the day your are not expecting and what responsibilities you will have on the day.

Module 10: Bonus: Included in the bonus module is an extensive list of music you may wish to consider for your wedding. A list of must have images to discuss with your photographer and plenty more helpful lists, hints and tips to assist you when it comes to making a decision about your wedding.

Aside from getting all of this information you will gain access to the FREE wedding planning Facebook group, but you don't have to wait for the course to be live, you could join today and start benefiting from the hints and tips published by a professional wedding planner. You can also ask any question relevant to your wedding and get a sensible answer from someone who has worked at nearly 100 weddings!

Wedding Planning Made Simple online course

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Wedding Planning Made Simple

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*Includes a full day with professional wedding and event manager Lisa Evans as well as lunch, guest speakers and interactive experiences for you to get 'hands on' with.

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