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Pre wedding pampering

This is a topic that is so under-rated. Pampering and relaxation in the days leading up to your wedding will make all the difference on the day.

Bridal pampering

Sitting in the salon will not only give you the perfect hair colour and the brightest nails, it will also give you a chance to regroup, gather your thoughts and go over your plans for the day. It's amazing what pops into your mind when you clear out all of the clutter and junk.

What to consider in the lead up to you wedding:

Hair Styling -

Hair cut

So you have been scouting a fab new style for months and have now decided that it is 'THE ONE' for your wedding. Do not make this commitment the week or even the month before your big day. Imagine you go for a trim and a colour touch up but actually you leave with a bob and a bright purple dip dye. Great if thats what you went in for. Not so much if it wasn't. Going for such a drastic change so close to your wedding date leaves you no time to rectify things if you don't like it so maybe this is one to try before you buy. Avoid a massively stressful last minute dilemma.

Tan -

Well, we've all seen friends! Do you want to be Ross on your wedding day. I'm guessing not. If you are a total novice to fake tan then you better start practicing. Even if you're having it done professionally. You can still look like an easy peeler in a christmas fruit bowl if it's done wrong. No one wants a streaky body or a tango'd face so be sensible, if it's not you then don't do it just because it's your wedding day.

Bad Fake Tan

Nails -

I always love a trip to the nail salon. Don't we all just feel much more complete when our hands are shiny and out there for everyone to see. You'll need to wait until as close to the day as possible to get this done. Oh the drama of breaking or chipping one the day before your wedding or while you're setting up. It's not worth the unnecessary added stress. While we're on the topic of nails, this is definately a group exercise. A time to catch up and reflect with your BFF, bridesmaids or female family members. TIME OUT is worth its weight in gold on the day prior to your wedding. Just remember if you haven't done it by now then it's not going to happen and the chances are, it doesn't matter anyway because if it was that important you'd have covered it.

Perfect nails

Massage -

Relaxation prior to your wedding is a MUST. You don't need to be a blushing bride to understand the powers of laying in a darkened room with scented oils burning and an experienced massage therapist cracking down on your tense muscles. Get this booked for the day before your wedding if you can and I promise you when you're done and sitting in your dressing gown, sipping champers you'll feel like the princess you deserve to be.

BUT don't restrict this to simply the day before the wedding. This is an activity that can be beneficial to your planning process at various stages. For example - when you're stuck for inspiration, when it's all getting too much and every man, woman and child is interfering, when you have a falling out with your bridesmaids over the colour of their dress or even just because you can. We are far more productive in all areas of life when we are relaxed.

I would also recommend getting a massage booked for after your wedding. This is ever so more important if you're not jetting straight off on a honeymoon. Don't underestimate how stressful the final few days will be whether you feel it or not. There is always a certain anticlimax that follows on from a wedding. It has consumed so much of your time for so long, you need to wind down from it slowly to avoid crashing.

Bridal Massage

Skin -

This is not a quick fix, nor is it something you can suddenly do the week before your wedding. You need to put months of work into this. Plenty of fluids and regular facials if you can. Spend a bit more on cleansing products and face creams. Certainly do not pick the week of your wedding to try something new. Your face is not a blank canvas to go splashing creams all over. Careful thought needs to be applied, professional advice is the best way to get the product that is suitable for you and trying it out a good way before your wedding is a must.

Hair removal -

You need to time this perfectly. Your groom is not going to be impressed if after struggling to get the most complicated outfit you'll ever own off, you grace him with your best impression of Chewbacca or Mr Pricklepants.

Fragrance -

So many brides ask about what perfume to wear on their big day because they're looking for something new and bold. It doesn't matter what everyone else is wearing. Much like your personal styling choices, this is also unique. By all means try something different in the months running up to your wedding but don't wait until the day to try something that could either bring you out in horrendous hives, make you smell a little questionable or simply not fit with YOU at all.


We could go on forever about the pampering sessions needed prior to a wedding day.

You've put so much time and effort into planning the perfect wedding, why not put the same commitment into planning your bridal look. It doesn't happen overnight but it's worth it. It's all about how you feel, make sure you feel fabulous and you will glow.

For more tips and ideas to make your wedding day and planning journey as fun as possible subscribe to my site and receive instant blog updates as they happen.

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