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Your wedding BFF

The importance of selecting your wedding party is something that is often underestimated. The excitement of being engaged forces us to rush out and ask the first friend you think of. BUT DON"T! Like everything else in your wedding this needs much time and consideration or it can become a real stress.

Don't know about you but I absolutely love the movie Bridesmaids, I think it's hilarious but only because it's not happening to me!

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Just because someone is your sister or your best friend it doesn't mean they will make the perfect bridesmaid. Luckily for the groom, his best man won't have much to do with the wedding other than arranging a stag do and giving a funny speech.

Selected wisely, the bridesmaids and ushers will take the strain before, during and after the wedding and you want to make sure the people you give this responsibility to do you proud.

Unfortunately arguments can form at any stage during the wedding planning process and you can easily fall out with your nearest and dearest over something really small, and in the grand scheme of things unimportant but that doesn't stop it happening.

A few things to consider before selecting your bridal party -

Are they going to be supportive of your decisions but still have the diplomacy to tell you when things don't look as good as you think? Will you respect this opinion or will they just get your back up because they haven't worded it right or they've come across as a know it all?

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Will they happily wear an outfit in the colour of your choosing or are you going to be wrestling on the floor of the bridal shop because they will only wear a long dress that has to be in THEIR favourite colour! Remember it's your day, if they ever get married and ask you to be part of their day then they can make you wear what they like, but for now, it's all about you.

Are your needs going to be priority on the day? Or are they going to hit the bar the minute the ceremony is over, never to be seen again. Will they genuinely help you getting to the toilet (because yes, for many brides this is a thing that you'll need help with) will they make sure you always have a drink in your hand and will they save you from that long lost family member that wants to chat to you all night about old times. Will they get on the dance floor with you when no one else wants to and are they happy being moved from place to place to have photos done or carry your dress so it does't get wet and muddy before you capture the perfect image. ON THE DAY IS SO IMPORTANT AND HAVING YOUR BFF BY YOUR SIDE WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

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