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From serving soldier to wedding planner, you to can change your life!

Me with an Apache helicopter

As a lost teen not knowing what to do with your life it’s easy to get ushered into a direction you may never have considered. Don’t get me wrong if I had my time again I wouldn’t change it. Serving in the British Army for nearly 10 years taught me many life lessons. I gained valuable experience in a variety of cultures and religions which I hope to bring to every event or wedding I’m involved in.

Communication in military convoy

In 2010 I decided to change my life and jump into an industry I had been longing to get into for a while. I completed a Wedding and Event Management course with the UK Wedding Planner school and swiftly gained employment in a hotel as a wedding and events co-ordinator. Finally swapping those muddy boots for smart stilettos and khaki combats for elegant dresses. Not looking back, I began the process of learning my trade with some wonderful couples, little did they know at the time it wasn’t just me helping them but they were helping me. Every wedding is a new experience, every request is unique and every couple brings fresh new ideas and the opportunity to push the boundaries of style and ideology.

Me all dressed up

You’d be surprised to hear wedding planning and military logistics don’t differ that much. Understanding the importance of a specific task and seeing it through with precision and dedication is needed across the board.

Whilst working in a vast range of countries alongside a variety of people I learnt discretion and diplomacy. Stumbling my way through situations where I knew little of the language and was unsure of the rules. Moving people and objects, through both challenging situations and enjoyable ones gave me the ability to remain calm under pressure and focused at all times.

Changing your life when it’s going well is a daunting yet exciting prospect. Many of us continue through life because we’re comfortable. It doesn’t have to be this way. Now the mother of 2 wonderful boys, step mum of 2 caring children, wife to a dedicated husband and hard-working business owner I am living proof it can be done. My advice to everyone wanting to make a change is do it! Don’t look back. Life is too short so grab it with both hands as nothing is impossible.

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