What does your venue co-ordinator actually do for you?

The majority of venues will offer the services of a wedding co-ordinator as part of their package. In most cases this is enough however don't wait until the day of your wedding to find out they're not what you think!

Having been a venue wedding co-ordinator I know exactly what the limitations are.

A venue co-ordinator will assist you where possible with your plans they may even attend your wedding, most however will assist during the planning stages and hand over to someone else on the day. This may leave you a little uncertain when you arrive for your wedding without a familiar face in sight. If your co-ordinator attends your wedding day then that's great, although it is still beneficial to confirm their responsibilities. How long will they be there for? Will they contact suppliers should there be a problem? Are they going to be there for you when you need it? Don't risk unwanted surprises with no-one you trust available to deal with them for you!

A venue co-ordinator may also be juggling the details of hundreds of weddings planned for up to 3 years in advance. It's easy to see how they can only allocate a certain amount of time to each. An independent wedding co-oridnator will be working solely for you. With a limited amount of weddings to concentrate on and because you are paying them directly for their service they are able to give your wedding much more attention. No more waiting for an answer to a simple question you asked your venue days ago, no more worrying that your day is getting close but you've not heard anything and no more constant pestering of your venue co-ordinator to find out what you need to do next!

A venue co-ordinator will always consider what is in the best interest of the venue first, I suppose this is understandable as they're employed to do so. Another reason to instruct an independent planner. This person will work for you and have your best interest at heart throughout. They'll be the continuity between you and your suppliers regardless of whether that is arranged by you or your venue. They'll contact your suppliers in advance of your wedding to ensure all is still going to plan and will meet with them on the day. There'll be no multiple weddings on the same day and will be solely dedicated to you. A service that is worth it's weight in gold!

Finally I must point out an venue co-ordinator and independent planner/co-ordinator will work quite happily together, you don't need to worry. They can together use their experience in weddings and events to ensure your day runs smoothly. Quite often they will already know each other or have worked together before so if anything you will end up getting the best of both worlds.

Whilst working as a venue co-ordinator myself I continually wanted to do more but wasn't able to, it filled me with frustration to the point where I'd work unpaid just to be there for my brides at their most important moments. I realised then how important it is to every bride seeing a familiar face when their body is shivering with worry and the fear of things going wrong. The overwhelming emotion that builds within an couple imminently due to marry but can be calmed simply by a reassuring word from someone they trust to be there for them throughout.

Taylored Weddings provide all of these benefits within the day co-ordination service. Concentrating solely on your wedding will mean you get the VIP treatment, no-one to please other than you! You can relax in the run up to your wedding knowing that you will see a familiar face and know that you're day will be run exactly how you imagine it.

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