Professionally tailored weddings,

transforming your dreams into a

breathtaking reality.


Make your wedding day one to remember. Taylored Weddings will exceed your 

expectations, offering you a highly 

professional service while creating 

an elegant, stylish and stress free day of celebrations designed specifically for you. 

I never dreamed about success I worked for it.
Estee Lauder


The possibilities are endless when 

planning a spectacular wedding day. Whether you want something traditional or more contemporary. A summer wedding or a winter one, with Taylored Weddings you are guaranteed a magnificent day which you'll be sure to remember forever. 


After much thought you have decided that a wedding planner isn't for you but you would still love to benefit from the knowledge and experience one has. Look no further. Taylored Weddings now provides a detailed downloadable course where you can learn the skills for yourself. 

Get the best out of planning your wedding!

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About me:

I have changed my life in a drastic way. Learning new skills and falling in love with an industry that I never imagined myself being in.

I love to embrace new things and I pride myself on giving an honest and straight to the point service. I have years of experience in Logistics, working under pressure and within serious time frames which I now ensure is the focal point of how I run the planning and managing of a wedding day.

There is more to a wedding than making it look 'pretty'. There is making it work and making it come to life. This is what I love!


West Sussex, UK

Tel: 07557 657070

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