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Is videography right for me?

I recently had the pleasure of working with the very talented Tom Robins from Tom Robins Film. I absolutely love the idea of capturing such a special day in more than just still photography. Having it all available to watch back and getting to re-live it whenever the mood takes you is simply priceless.

You will be truly thankful for adding this to your budget, it may not be until you watch it back that you realise just how wisely you've spent your money but trust me, it's worth the wait. Don't take my word for it. Tom has kindly answered a few questions to help explain about not only his business but also the benefits of having a video of your wedding created.

Video of the bride by the lake

1. Tell me a bit more about your business and the experience you've had prior to this point?

I'd been a filmmaker since my school days, usually making comedy sketches and music videos with friends. I'd not considered video as a business until a friend of mine asked me to film his wedding. I did some research, got stuck in and made a pretty good video for them which brought them both to tears when they watched it. The feeling I got knowing my video had made them feel so happy was incredible, and I was hooked on it. 3 years and about 40 weddings later, I still get that same feeling when showing couples their video. Along the way I've expanded the business to provide promotional films, TV work and aerial filming, but nothing comes close to the feeling when newlyweds see their video for the first time.

Behind the scenes videographer

2. What services do you offer to couples for a wedding? (How much of the day do you cover?)

I'm slightly different to some videographers as I always film for the whole day as standard. My packages are all structured around the end product they'd like, and therefore how much editing is required. Whether it's a simple cinematic highlight video or a feature length full coverage video, I craft the video around what the couple want.

3. How much input does the couple get before the final edit? (Can they choose music or specific shots they want involved?)

In the weeks before the wedding, I usually visit the couple to get to know them a bit, and them me. This helps them feel more relaxed and confident as well as helping me gauge what's important to them, Who's Who? Do they have children? Is anything special happening? I also ask about their music choices as music will be one of the most personal touches in the video.

4. How long will the client have to wait for the final video?

Videographer preparing his equipment

It can depend on the package and to some extent the time of year, a simple highlight video in the quieter months could be delivered in just a week, whereas the more complicated edits in the peak of summer may be as long as 4 weeks. In these situations, a 'Teaser Trailer' can be delivered in the first week in order to have something to post online nice and early on.

5. Will you be in the way on the day?

This is something I find hugely important, I feel I've done my job well when people see the video and ask "I didn't know you had a videographer!" If I can remain unseen and blend in to the background, the shots I get are always more natural and a better representation of the day. To most, I look like just another photographer or that one guest who has a posh camera (We all know those guys!) I've heard all the horror stories of camera crews setting up track and dollies and taking the couple away for an hour for set up shots. 99% of couples would find that super uncomfortable and it makes it more about the video's production value than the couple. The great thing is, most people approach me after seeing my videos or through recommendations, which means they already see the style of video I make and want the same for their day.

Drone capturing wedding video

6. What are the benefits as you see it to having a videographer as well as photographer?

Wedding photography is often one of the first big decisions after the venue. Finding the person who will capture the photo's that'll sit on your shelf for the rest of your life. Video's have historically been a lot rarer, often weren't much more than a tech savvy guest with a camcorder (Like Love Actually without the love triangle) But in recent years, the quality and capability of cameras has meant a well shot and well edited video can be the most treasured possession for reliving the day. A common theme in my reviews is that the groom wasn't sure and had worries about having a camera in his face the whole day, yet after wiping his eyes after seeing the video they confirm it's the best decision they had made.

Video of the bride by the lake

Watch Tom's video trailer of my recent Star Wars themed wedding photo shoot at The Ravenswood in Sussex.

You can see more of Toms work and the services he provides on the links below.

My main website is:

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