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Surviving the heat on your wedding day!

So, most brides worry about rain on their wedding day but how many actually worry about heat? If anything the heat can be more of a hinderance than the wet. You start the day looking like the perfectly made up blushing bride and by the time the ceremony is done your makeup is dripping, you smell a little questionable and you're so uncomfortable in your dress all you want to do is run through a garden hose to cool off. The great news is it doesn't have to be like this. All you need is a little prior preparation.

Umbrellas aren't just to shield the rain, think about having one available to protect you from the sun. During the early stages of your wedding day there can be a lot of waiting around. Waiting for the ceremony, waiting for the photographs and then maybe you plan your receptions drinks outside as who wouldn't want to make the most of the weather, so another potentially long period of time in the sun. By adding a little shade it will keep your temperature down and help prevent the sweaty betty look. This is where the bridal party will need to help. Rope in a bridesmaid to stand next to you with a stylish white umbrella. Protecting you from the heat of the sun will make all the difference. Umbrellas like this are available for a small cost from Amazon or Ebay and worth every penny. You can then add it to the list of 'wedding items to sell' after your big day

Much of the time theres not a lot you can do about sweating so make sure your make up provides a good waterproof base. Discuss this with your make up artist or if you are doing it yourself on the day take a trip to a make up shop before your big day and discuss the best products to use, this way there will be no embarrassing mascara running incidents. It's not only make up that can play havoc on your wedding day but think about how you're going to wear your hair. Having long hair myself I know just how uncomfortable it is wearing it down during the heat. It starts to stick to your shoulders and those gorgeous curls you began the day with not only now look limp and slightly scraggy but they are stuck to your body and irritating you something rotten. Even if this is a last minute change to your plan on the morning of the wedding an up do may just be one of the best decisions you make. If you really want a down do and decide to give it a go, make sure one of your bridesmaids are on hand with some pretty hair clips to help you gather it up during the day if you do end up changing your mind.

Heat stroke and dehydration is also a concern. You picked a big beautiful wedding dress when what you really feel like wearing is a bikini. But you love this dress, it's what you've dreamt of since you were a child. You will push it out and good on you so to avoid feeling faint, suffering from headaches or having to hide in a cool dark space to recover make sure you drink plenty of water. If it's extremely hot then it may be worth adding some electrolyte. Endless Pimms cocktails or glasses of champagne may seem like a great idea but it won't do anything for your energy levels and hydration. Maybe go slow on the alcoholic beverages until you're indoors and the most important photo opportunities have passed. If at any point you start to feel fait or you begin to suffer with a headache reach for the paracetamol from your wedding day emergency kit and head for the shade.

And of course the most important thing for both the bride and groom on a sunny day is SUNCREAM, apply this before you being your day. Not as an after thought. you should be able to top up during the day should you need to.

Items I would definitely include in my emergency kit for this occasion is paracetamol, deodorant, spare make up, sun cream, tissues, handkerchief, bottle of water, sunglasses, Haribo sweets (for that instant energy boost) and portable battery operated fan. A wedding planner will come with everything you need and more so you won't need to worry but if you're coordinating the day yourself then prepare an emergency kit and make sure someone in your wedding party knows where it is at all times. Call upon it as soon as you need it. Remember this is your day, you chose your bridal party to help you and be there to make sure you are the centre of everyones attention. Don't feel bad about calling on them when you need them. They are your best friends and family. They really won't mind.

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