Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a wedding planner/co-ordinator when my venue provides one?

I provide a day co-ordination service that is completely independent therefor works solely for you. A venue co-ordinator will generally have the venues best interest at heart, likewise they will often be dealing with more than just your event on that day. I pride myself in being able to work along side any venue co-ordinator or banqueting manager to make your day special and exactly how you want it. I will work with you prior to the day to gather all your requirements and details accurately. I will put together a structured and logical plan for your day which I will liaise with your suppliers over in advance as well as be there on the day to ensure it happens for you. Continuity throughout the planning and execution is important to a successful wedding day. I can ensure you have this by being the link between the your ideas and the day itself.

Do you charge for consultation?

No. I will meet with you and your partner/family if you so wish to discuss your requirements free of charge, this meeting can be held at a place suitable to you. From this I will submit you with a full proposal of the services I am able to offer and the costs.

Do you organise other events?

I am lucky enough to be included in the planning of a variety of weddings and events. Including Christenings, civil naming days, birthday parties, company parties/events and wakes.

Have you always been in the wedding industry?

No. At the age of 17 I joined the British Army and worked in a variety of roles based around logistics which I did for nearly 10 years. It was then I decided I wanted to use the skills I'd learnt in organising and logistics and transfer them to the wedding and events industry. In 2010 I studied with the UK Wedding Planner School and subsequently began working as a Wedding Co-Ordinator in a hotel. From this I realised the restrictions I faced when dealing with peoples big days so I decided the only way  I could give 100% was to start the business Taylored Weddings.


Although I haven't always been in the wedding industry I've certainly got experience in organising and arrangement if important events. I benefit from qualities such as great time keeping, attention to detail, structure, discretion, understanding, sympathy, tact and many other qualities enhanced by my time served in the military.

How many weddings/events do you do at one time?

I will never take on more weddings if I don't have the time to commit. I like to give every couple 100% so if I think for a second that isn't going to be the case I am honest and will stop taking on more. I will not lie just to get more business, I believe it quality not quantity which ensure every couple I work with gets my full attention.

Also I only ever take on 1 wedding/event per day that I have to attend. This way I can give 100% on the day and won't be rushing off anywhere else or splitting my time.

What happens if you are sick or can't attend for some reason?

I never dictate what you must spend. This is entirely up to you. What I will help with is the allocation of your budget if you wish. If it is important for you to stay within a budget I will ensure you only spend what you have and help you to remain focussed on the benefits of what you can afford.

I do have a good relationship with a variety of suppliers so there is potential for negation with prices.


What I can definitely guarantee is you won't waste money. You won't buy into a supplier that doesn't offer the service you want nor will you spend more than what is necessary. Having an understanding of the industry as well as contacts in most areas I will be able to advise you on the acceptable amounts to pay.

Who sets the budget and can you save me money?

Thankfully this has never happened however I do have alternative plans in place should this issue arise. I work closely with a number of other wedding planners who are trustworthy, capable and able to help should the need arise. I also have an assistant planner who accompanies me on larger weddings who is more than capable to stand in. I would never hand over a wedding unless the circumstances were urgent. I take pride in all of my work and have not let anyone down yet.

Do you work with same sex and different religious marriages?

Yes, there are no boydaries or discriminations when it comes to marrying the person you love . Although each wedding is different it doesn't mean they're any less important. I give every wedding and event I have the pleasure of being involved in the same care and attention.


Having lived & worked in many countries throughout the world I have been privalidged to experience and be part of many cultures and religions. I like to think I can bring this experience to every wedding I'm included in . 

About me:

I have changed my life in a drastic way. Learning new skills and falling in love with an industry that I never imagined myself being in.

I love to embrace new things and I pride myself on giving an honest and straight to the point service. I have years of experience in Logistics, working under pressure and within some very strict time frames which I now ensure is the focal point of how I run the planning and managing of a wedding day.

There is more to a wedding than making it look 'pretty'. There is making it work and making it come to life. This is what I love!

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